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Anna Semlyen (20s Plenty for Us National Campaign Manager) began 20s Plenty for York in 2008. She chaired her first public meeting on speed in 1998 with York Cycle Campaign and is a traffic reduction author.

Anna’s street has a 20 mph limit with the help of local Fishergate grant (council money) - £500 for a resident consultation of 7 streets. (Previous home zone requests were refused due to car numbers). Green Councillors door knocked to raise a petition. The grant paid for a guide accompanying letters asking resident’s opinion. 49% of residents voted, 70.5% wanted 20mph and signs went in Nov 2009. It took 2.5 years and 18 months from the full council meeting agreement for this small ‘pilot’.

Local 20 mph champion Cath Heinemeyer won £500 of ward funding. Rather than a petition, she posted letters through neighbour’s doors with reply slips. With hundreds of positive responses, and Labour Councillors backing the Hollybank Road area of Holgate is agreed as 20 mph.

£175 has gone on campaign materials (funded by York in Transition and The Cooperative Membership). A presentation was made to the Safe Routes to Schools Ad Hoc Scrutiny meeting and we’ve met the police. MP Hugh Bayley is supportive.

Autumn 2010 saw a public consultation “Time for 20mph limits for York?” 687 responses from people collected by us went in as either “20mph for all residential roads or for all roads”.

20mph residential limits are now agred as policy for York tol be implemented over 3 years from 2012-15 starting with the North West of the city.

York Officers
Chair: Anna Semlyen anna.s@20splentyforus.org.uk -
Officer: Louise Diver

20s Plenty for York www.20splentyforyork.org.uk

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